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A series dedicated to showcasing how a diverse group of people incorporate cannabis in a variety of ways into their lives.

Check this:
Over 2.4 million adults in the UK aged 16-59 have used cannabis in the last year. Now, that’s not to say how these 2.4 million Brits are using cannabis in the stat provided… but, that number is growing and it’s growing fast. On top of that the UK is one of the world’s largest producers of cannabis. In fact, the UK apparently produced over 90 tonnes of cannabis in 2016… but it’s still illegal and a Class B drug (more to come on this, later).

With CBD being one of the biggest wellness trends for 2019 according to Vogue, The Independent and everyone in between, we’re seeing it hit shelves everywhere.

Here at theCURATOR, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting many people who have varying relationships with cannabis and hemp. And though everyone has their own personal story, they all seem to be incorporating cannabis into their lives some way or another. In this series, we’ve asked a range of people (from parents and office workers to creatives and entrepreneurs) to give us a look inside their Stash Bags (and boxes) and show us how they interact with the plant. Because not everyone who uses cannabis is doing so to get high…

We sat down with one of our photographers, @thethirdpersonintheroom, and took a snoop through his stash! He’s more of a connoisseur, so we weren’t surprised to see him using a Cannador to organise his stash. We chat about first times and elusive strains. Hello, Romulan?

Here’s a look inside his stash:


Pretty sure this stash box would be both Martha and Marie-approved.

Pretty sure this stash box would be both Martha and Marie-approved.


INSTA: @thethirdpersonintheroom
AGE: 28
Location: Based in london, uk, but i spend a lot of time in toronto, canada as well
Your 9-5: wannabe photographer



theCURATOR: Who introduced you to cannabis?

@thethirdpersonintheroom: My elder brother, unknowingly. He had just come back from Amsterdam and I was looking for clean socks in his suitcase. Can you guess what I found balled up in his socks… that sweet sweet stench I know and love today.

What was your first experience with cannabis like?

Unimpressive; I don’t think we were inhaling.

How has your relationship to cannabis evolved since your first introduction to the plant?

It’s always helped me relax but I’m certainly much more educated than when I was first introduced to it. I’d say my decisions are more quality based compared to when I was a novice. Also, in the last 5 years I’ve come to realise how many uses the plant really has… in my eyes, utilising hemp to its full potential could change the world in a tremendously positive way.

Favourite product or accessory in your stash and why?

Difficult considering I’m a fan of them all. The Cannador is probably my favourite accessory, for the simple fact that it really helps me keep my whole stash organised and out of the way. But my favourite part of my stash will always be bud! Right now, I’m smoking Marmalade and Gelato Cake (both of which are grown in the UK #localproduce).

The stash box in all its glory.

The stash box in all its glory.

Legalisation or Decriminalisation?

If I had to choose, then Decriminalisation. Legalisation brings its own onslaught of issues, which could never be solved quickly. I think Spain have a good model.

What do you think is the future for cannabis, globally; what are your concerns?

Here’s hoping for a future where cannabis and all the products that can come from it are traded freely. My concerns to name a few… Patents, GMO Cannabis and regulations favouring corporations rather than the craft community. Cannabis to me represents everything that is opposite to corporate. Yet, it seems the fate of cannabis lies in corporate hands.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone looking to introduce cannabis to their life:

DO IT! But start slow.

CBD, THC or both?

I’m hearing great things about CBD but I mostly dabble in the realm of THC.

Walk us through your smoking routine or ritual?

I wouldn’t say I have a routine as such, but I definitely enjoy a joint with a black coffee in the morning. Is that taboo?

Favourite strain(s)?

Romulan. Some of the best tasting smoke I’ve had to date and I’ve never had the pleasure of trying it more than once. It’s a myth I tell you.

Keys? Check Lighters? Plenty Bud? Oh yeah (Pictured above: Marmalade on the Left and Gelato Cake on the Right)

Keys? Check
Lighters? Plenty
Bud? Oh yeah (Pictured above: Marmalade on the Left and Gelato Cake on the Right)

Favourite Edibles?

Cheeba Chews or Pennchan’s Edibles.

Why do you choose cannabis infused foods instead of smoking it?

Sometimes you gotta be discreet. Plus it’s a different effect completely, I couldn’t describe it.

Your ultimate go-to munchies?

Fruit. I love fruit.

Stay tuned as we continue to showcase the variety of ways people are incorporating cannabis into their lives in 2019.

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