What's In Your Stash: A Solicitor, her period and CBD


What’s In Your Stash:
A Solicitor, her period and cbd

A series dedicated to showcasing how a diverse group of people incorporate cannabis in a variety of ways into their lives.

Here at theCURATOR, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting many people who have varying relationships with cannabis and hemp. And though everyone has their own personal story, they all seem to be incorporating cannabis into their lives some way or another. In this series, we’ve asked a range of people (from parents and office workers to creatives and entrepreneurs) to give us a look inside their Stash Bags (and boxes) and show us how they interact with the plant. Because not everyone who uses cannabis is doing so to get high…

We sat down with a solicitor (she wanted to remain anonymous) who uses CBD during her period. She shares with us how she incorporates CBD into her wellness and self-care routine and how it makes her time of month a breeeze.

Here’s a look inside her stash:


A solicitor’s simple stash.

A solicitor’s simple stash.


AGE: 36
Location: Lausanne, Switzerland
Your 9-5: Solicitor



theCURATOR: Who introduced you to cannabis?

The Solicitor: To be honest, I jumped on the canna-train recently. Actually, it was my pilates instructor who recommended that I try using tinctures to alleviate PMS symptoms like cramps. I’ve been using these Kannaswiss tinctures for a few cycles now and I have to say, they do help. I’ve also heard that companies are now producing CBD tampons!! It’s insane to see how big this industry is becoming. Or maybe, I’ve just been living under a rock and its been there this entire time.

Favourite product or accessory in your stash and why?

Obviously, my Kannaswiss. Those little tinctures make PMS season a breeeze.

What will be your next purchase to add to your stash?

I’m looking forward to getting my hands on some CBD tampons.

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-26 at 7.58.59 PM.jpeg

CBD, THC or both?

I’ve never smoked weed and have only used my CBD oil. But after doing a little research, I’m more inclined to maybe try a THC-infused edible. Still wary of smoking.

Walk us through your tincture routine or ritual?

When I first used my oil, it was on an as-needed basis. Whenever I got period cramps, I would take a few drops under my tongue and washed it down with water. I noticed that not only would it help with cramps, but it also affected my mood. I was much more at ease with life in general. Now, I sometimes put a few drops in my morning tea when I know I’ll have a stressful day ahead. It’s a game-changer for me.

where do you keep your stash bag?

I keep the oils in my little wellness bag with my vitamins, which is usually in my medicine cabinet.

what’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone looking to introduce cannabis into their lives?

Don’t let preconceived notions stop you.

Even though you don’t smoke, what do you think your ultimate go-to munchies would be (we ask everyone)?

Oh! Any chocolate!

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Stay tuned as we continue to showcase the variety of ways people are incorporating cannabis into their lives in 2019.

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