What's In Your Stash: A Software Engineer With a Love for Joints & Jiu Jitsu

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Whats In Your Stash:
A Software Engineer With A Love for Joints & Jiu Jitsu

A series dedicated to showcasing how a diverse group of people incorporate cannabis in a variety of ways into their lives.

Here at theCURATOR, weve had the pleasure of meeting many people who have varying relationships with cannabis and hemp. And though everyone has their own personal story, they all seem to be incorporating cannabis into their lives some way or another. In this series, weve asked a range of people (from parents and office workers to creatives and entrepreneurs) to give us a look inside their Stash Bags (and boxes) and show us how they interact with the plant. Because not everyone who uses cannabis is doing so to get high

We shared a joint with a software engineer who practices Jiu Jitsu in his spare time and finds sore muscle relief through cannabis. Find out what this night-time ninja has to say about his love of smoking joints and how he was introduced to the plant by a childhood friend.



AGE: 30
Location: London, UK
Your 9-5: Software Engineer by day/ Jiu Jitsu athlete by night



theCURATOR: Who introduced you to cannabis?

Software Engineer/Night-time Ninja: It was in high school through one of my childhood friends.

What was your first experience with cannabis like?

Now thats a flash back. The first time I smoked, I didnt feel anything. But thats probably because I didnt know how to smoke it. We vaped it from something that looked like a light bulb.  All I remember was the taste of stale popcorn. We didnt know what the fuck we were smoking back then. Not like there was any regulation.

How has your relationship to cannabis evolved since your first introduction to the plant?

In all honesty, I didnt think Id be smoking for this long. When I first started smoking, if you wanted to get your hands on some bud, it wasnt as easy as today. There were plenty of horror stories about bad weed and scams back then. If I look at cannabis back when I first used it, it was unrefined. It was more just for a giggle with my friends. But as years went by and I smoked more often, I noticed that it wasnt just about having a giggle. I might just be a nicer person when Im high. My relationship with cannabis has evolved at the same rate as the perception of cannabis has evolved in society. Its no longer a behind closed doors type of substance, which it never should have been. Today, cannabis is part of my identity and my approach to the plant is much more mature. I respect the plant for all it can do and how personal it can be.

Favourite product or accessory in your stash and why?

This Fruit Bowl Im rolling right now by Nature Boyz is pretty damn serious. Its produced in the UK and look at this packaging and bud quality. Its great to see efforts made for quality and care in the UK scene! Weve come a long way from the old days of reggie and grit weed. Besides the cannabis itself, I have to say that my eyedrops are a life saver. Im susceptible to dry eyes, so they are a must for me.

Where do you keep you stash bag/products:

Normally, I just keep it in my Scramble Kimono backpack.

Eye Drops: Check Grinder: Check Papers: Check Nature Boyz Fruit Bowl: And.. Check.

Eye Drops: Check
Grinder: Check
Papers: Check
Nature Boyz Fruit Bowl: And.. Check.

Legalisation or Decriminalisation?

Its difficult to say without being properly informed on both sides. In my humble opinion, decriminalisation has its benefits as does legalisation, but either way, I dont think it needs to be controlled to the extent it is currently. It should be freely traded providing its safe and subject to appropriate age restrictions. Being locked up for personally growing or smoking a little cannabis is wrong. I feel like legalisation would bring better regulation than decriminalisation; quality wise.

What do you think is the future for cannabis, globally; what are your concerns?

As much as I would like to believe that it will be accepted with open arms globally, for some cultures and societies, Im sure it will be rejected. Saying that, the generation born post-2010 will be the first set of adults in hundreds of years to be exposed to legal cannabis markets from a young age. In 20 years it could be a very different world where cannabis thrives in all continents. Also, hemp is a huge undercover problem-solver and can change the world if industries who have been around for centuries are willing to adapt their technologies to utilise the hemp plant. Paper, plastic, fuel- hemp can do it all. Wed be crazy not to utilise this plant, especially at a time where oil based plastics are ruining our oceans and drinking water.

Whats one piece of advice youd give to someone looking to introduce cannabis to their life:

Cannabis is something you shouldnt make up your mind about after only one experience. It takes time getting used to the way it alters your perception.

CBD, THC or both?


The stash perfect for a post Jiu Jitsu sesh.

The stash perfect for a post Jiu Jitsu sesh.

Joints, pipes, bongs or something else?

Joints will always be my first love, but I dont mind a nice vape once in a while. Whether its through the Volcano or a pen.

Favourite Strain?

Ive had some strains in my day. For me its Casey Jones or Tangerine Dream. But its gotta be done right.

Walk us through your smoking routine or ritual?

Depending on the mood. But ideally for me, it has to be a joint with a nice ice cold drink and my laptop in hand to see if creativity flows, especially on weekends when Im working on personal projects. I like listening to music while I smoke too.

Edibles or nah?

I dont mind edibles, but they definitely put me out.

Why do you choose cannabis infused foods instead of smoking it?

Different high and at times when I need to be discreet. Theyre good for flying and long journeys. Helps me relax.

Your ultimate go-to munchies?

Dairylea Dunkers. Hands down.

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