What's In Your Stash: Jasmin Thomas, @OhanaCBD

Photo: @OhanaCBD

Photo: @OhanaCBD


What’s In Your Stash:
Jasmin Thomas, Founder Ohana CBD

A series dedicated to showcasing how a diverse group of people incorporate cannabis in a variety of ways into their lives.

Here at theCURATOR, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting many people who have varying relationships with cannabis and hemp. And though everyone has their own personal story, they all seem to be incorporating cannabis into their lives some way or another. In this series, we’ve asked a range of people (from parents and office workers to creatives and entrepreneurs) to give us a look inside their Stash Bags (and boxes) and show us how they interact with the plant. Because not everyone who uses cannabis is doing so to get high…

We chat with Jasmin Thomas, the beauty and brains behind Ohana CBD and the entOURage network, here in London. She talks to us about her Rastafari background and how cannabis helped her manage symptoms after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease:



NAME: Jasmin Thomas
: @OhanaCBD
AGE: 27
Location: London, United Kingdom
Your 9-5: Founder, Ohana CBD



theCURATOR: Who introduced you to cannabis?

Jasmin: I feel like I have always known what Cannabis is, my grandad’s roots in Rastafari normalised cannabis within my family.

What was your first experience with cannabis like?

My first experience was shortly after I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease to manage symptoms. It relieved pains and aches and would stop my tremors within seconds. To me, it was a miracle.

How has your relationship to cannabis evolved since your first introduction to the plant?

My knowledge and experience with dosage and variety of cannabinoids is a lot more detailed and how I like to consume cannabinoids has changed. I no longer consume THC but I use CBD to regulate symptoms and manage anxiety.

Photo: @ohanaCBD

Photo: @ohanaCBD

Favourite product or accessory in your stash and why:

My favourite product is our Ohana CBD Balm. It’s versatile and I can use it for everything.

where do you apply it:

I use the balm pretty much everywhere but I mostly use it for dry spots on my body and my feet at night. The lavender scent really helps me sleep. I use the lip balm for everything if I’m on the go and keep it with me on flights to make sure my skin doesn't ever get dehydrated and the face oil I use every morning mixed in with a natural SPF and after a face mask.

Where do you keep your stash bag/products:

Handbag, bathroom and bedroom.

What will be your next purchase to add to your stash:

Foria Lube with THC.

Photo: @ohanaCBD

Photo: @ohanaCBD

Legalisation or Decriminalisation?


What do you think is the future for cannabis, globally; what are your concerns?

I think we are heading towards global legalisation, unfortunately in some places sooner than others. I think we are looking at a heavily regulated and taxed future, which could make it inaccessible to those who need it the most. That is one of my biggest fears.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone looking to introduce cannabis to their life:

Remember there is nothing alternative about nature. . 

Photo: @ohanaCBD

Photo: @ohanaCBD

Favourite Tincture:

Wunder Workshop.

What’s your tincture routine:

A few drops in my morning smoothie or straight under my tongue if I’m on the go.

Favourite edibles:

Organic Livity .

Why do you choose cannabis infused foods instead of smoking it?

I love food and have a sweet tooth, so having a CBD-infused chocolate makes it a good excuse for me to eat chocolate.

We Agree.

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Stay tuned as we continue to showcase the variety of ways people are incorporating cannabis into their lives in 2019.

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