What's In Your Stash: CEO/Founder of Laundry Day

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What’s In Your Stash:
The Founder/CEO of @laundryday.co

A series dedicated to showcasing how a diverse group of people incorporate cannabis in a variety of ways into their lives.

Here at theCURATOR, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting many people who have varying relationships with cannabis and hemp. And though everyone has their own personal story, they all seem to be incorporating cannabis into their lives some way or another. In this series, we’ve asked a range of people (from parents and office workers to creatives and entrepreneurs) to give us a look inside their Stash Bags (and boxes) and show us how they interact with the plant. Because not everyone who uses cannabis is doing so to get high…

We chat with the CEO and Founder of Laundry Day (the brand behind the most beautiful glass pipes you’ve ever seen) and took a snoop through her stash! Read on to see what she has to say about her concerns for the cannabis industry and her favourite tinctures.

Here’s a look at her stash:


The most beautiful woven stash basket

The most beautiful woven stash basket


INSTA: @laundryday.co
AGE: 26
Location: Victoria BC, Canada
Your 9-5: Ceo + Founder of Laundry Day



theCURATOR: Who introduced you to cannabis?

@laundryday.co: My first experience was with my girlfriends in high school.

What was your first experience with cannabis like?

I believe I was at a house party and I was so nervous that I barely even inhaled. Needless to say it wasn’t really effective.

How has your relationship to cannabis evolved since your first introduction to the plant?

Growing up in a relatively strict household (my dad is a police offer), I was always really afraid of the plant and never really felt like it was something that I was allowed to take part in. Though after experiencing health issues related to an IUD in my early 20’s, I was reintroduced to the plant in a healing and wellness setting which prompted me to start my own company.

When your stash becomes a part of your home decor.

When your stash becomes a part of your home decor.

Favourite product or accessory in your stash and why?

Oh it’s so hard to choose! A big part of my philosophy is to curate your surroundings with pieces you love so having to choose is kind of tough! I’d have to say my Hudson Pipe and Multi Tool are my current faves.

Where do you keep your stash bag/products:

I am a night time smoker - usually before bed. I like to have my pieces close by on my nightstand.

What will be your next purchase to add to your stash:

I’m currently developing a new product that I cant wait to share… you’ll see soon enough!

I spy with my little eye, a beautiful Hudson pipe.

I spy with my little eye, a beautiful Hudson pipe.

Legalisation or Decriminalisation?

I feel extremely fortunate to live in a country where cannabis has just been legalised..

What do you think is the future for cannabis, globally; what are your concerns?

I think that the doors are just starting to open and though there is still a lot of work to be done in destigmatising and normalising cannabis, I think that people are starting to ease into the the many benefits that legalisation has on the health of our communities and economies. I find it very exciting, especially for women, who are starting to really take ownership over their bodies and how they choose to deal with pain.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone looking to introduce cannabis to their life:

Don’t be overwhelmed by all the the resources out there and remember to take it slow and ease into your experiences. 

CBD, THC or both?

Both! It is super important for me to have my bottle of Rosebud CBD in my stash for those moments when you might feel a little too elevated - it can really mellow you out and bring you back to your comfortable level

Joints, pipes, bongs or something else:

Pipes or vapes.

The essentials.

The essentials.

Favourite Tincture?

Rosebud, always.

When did you start using tinctures and why/how does it benefit you:

I will use Rosebud 700mg CBD right before bed for an amazing sleep. I will also bring it with me to social outings as I find it can really ease social anxiety. As mentioned above it is also great to even out the effects when you’ve maybe had a bit too much THC.

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