The Unstoppable Rise Of Cannabis Social Clubs In The UK

Club XXXIII Photo by theCURATOR

Cannabis cups, social clubs, infused fine dining and other events with celebrity guest appearances...

Sounds like Colorado or another legal state in the USA, but we’re in London this month, and all of the above takes place at secret locations up and down the country.

With cannabis legalisation happening around the globe, cannabis social clubs are on the rise and an unlikely hotspot for them is the United Kingdom. Cannabis social clubs are private membership clubs for adult medical and social use. The cannabis social clubs in the UK vary in size but those with brick and mortar venues have a growing number of members from diverse backgrounds and professional capacities, paying a membership fee for the safe enjoyment of a joint or two.

But it’s not just a joint or two we’re talking about here. The cannabis network in the UK is intricate and sophisticated. The scene comes complete with established brands, designer strains and marketed events with attendees well into the hundreds and sometimes even the thousands. The cannabis network in the UK is huge and cannabis social clubs have been around for over a decade, but recently they have been gaining traction at an immense rate.

The cannabis network in the UK is intricate and sophisticated.

Medical use aside; many people prefer to indulge in cannabis rather than alcohol. That doesn’t mean the only attendees are those looking for an alternative to a pub or club. Cannabis social clubs allow for safe consumption in a safe environment for people from all walks of life. There are many reasons one might go to a cannabis social club; whether it’s a remote office for the day or just catching up with friends over a latte. Cannabis social clubs actually offer more of an inclusive atmosphere than most bars and pubs.

London’s Club XXXIII is a sight to be seen. The security is tight with a strict members-only policy, issuing cards similar to that of cannabis clubs in Barcelona. They stress that safety for their members is a priority; strictly turning away unsolicited visitors. Décor is rustic and looks as though an interior designer was involved. Members indulge in the company of their friends whilst flat screens surround the room, displaying the clubs opening hours and upcoming events, from movie nights to infused fine-dining experiences. The staff are polite and genuinely friendly; offering hot and cold beverages, snacks and even CBD-infused water.

Club XXXIII  Photo by theCURATOR

Photo by theCURATOR


Rather than an underground movement; the cannabis scene in the UK is looking like its geared up to be better than the coffee shops of Amsterdam or the Cannabis Compassion clubs of Spain. Canada recently legalised recreational use and the UK looks like they are more than ready to be the next G7 nation to legalise.

An article published by the BBC on 26th July 2018 states “specialist doctors in the UK will be able to legally prescribe cannabis-derived medicinal products by autumn, the home secretary has announced.Still, cannabis social clubs in the UK remain illegal.

According to their website , UKCSC is a not-for-profit NGO, offering practical and legal advice and guidance to cannabis social clubs, politicians and police forces in order to provide a self-regulatory frame work to reduce risks. As well as, campaigning for adult legalisation of cannabis and the right to grow at home or in a shared space. UKCSC act as a point of contact for cannabis consumers, patients, advice, general cannabis information, harm reduction and education. 

Still, Cannabis Social Clubs remain illegal.

A story published in the Telegraph states UKCSC chairman Greg de Hoedt said the UKCSC has thousands of members which include magistrates, bank managers, NHS nurses and television soap actors, and that they have provided cannabis oil to the wife of an MP for medicinal purposes.

Talking about cannabis social clubs is only scratching the surface of the movement that is sweeping the UK. The UKCSC campaign for the right to grow using #right2grow on their social media platforms. The benefit of growing your own cannabis or growing cannabis for a collective, besides the inevitable feeling of achievement, is that you will know exactly what’s in your weed; One of the biggest problems with buying weed which isn't lab tested, is that you never really know what is in it. Has it been sprayed with heavy pesticides? Is it contaminated with pests? By growing your own you can rest easy knowing you have total control over final quality of your bud.

Growers in the UK are also supplying Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) to those in need. Some will even provide the oil free of charge in severe circumstances. In the video below, one grower in the UK speaks to LBC Radio about his experience growing cannabis in the UK and the people he does it for. His comments hit home for anyone who has found life changing benefits through cannabis.


The UK cannabis scene is evolving into a sophisticated industry based on an undeniable demand for access to cannabis; medicinally as well as recreationally. We love what we are seeing in the UK and support all those involved in the normalisation of safe cannabis use. If you’re in the UK, head over to UKCSC for more information on your local cannabis social club.

What do you think the future of UK's budding cannabis industry holds? Let us know in the comments below!