The Hemp Coffee Exfoliator That Saved My Skin From Winter Dullness


FUN FACT: I wake up every morning to see patches of dry flakes on my extra-flushed (read: bright red) cheeks.

On my hunt towards a smoother, more supple cheek surface, I was introduced to Nature’s Root Hemp Coffee Scrub. An organic, all-natural scrub formulated with coffee, green tea, hemp seed and coconut oil. A concoction made to help exfoliate, soothe and moisturise both your body and face.


As a person with a nut allergy, finding nut-free all-natural exfoliators are rare. Chemical-free scrubs and exfoliators often use a nut oil like almond oil for its moisturising capability or a ground nut like walnuts as the exfoliator. That means no cult-favourite St. Ives and no Insta-fave Frank Body.

Nature’s Root, Hemp Coffee Scrub, however, is nut-free! You’re welcome, fellow Epipen-carriers.

This energising face and body scrub is enriched with coconut oil to lock in moisture. Coffee, green tea and hemp seeds (all of which are organic), are blended together for a lush exfoliation to help give dull skin that little oomph. Oh and it smells like every coffee-lovers dream: rich and creamy with a burst of chocolate, aka Java Heaven.

If I could capture the smell of this Hemp Coffee Scrub in a rollerball, I would.

The caffeine from the coffee, coupled with the caffeine from the green tea help de-puff bloated skin. While the hemp seeds found in this scrub help protect skin from free radicals found in city pollution, perfect for removing dull and dead skin from the surface. Hemp seed is also high in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which helps energise the skin from within.


The first time I used this scrub, it was morning. I’m not sure if it was a placebo effect or if the caffeine from the coffee and green tea actually helped wake me up, but I was definitely more awake than usual.

After rinsing my face with warm water, I wet my hands and dipped my index fingers ever so slightly in the pot - enough to pick up a bit of the scrub (a little goes a long way). I was looking for a more gentle exfoliate, but if you like to go deep with your scrubbing, you can pack on a bit more. In slow circular motions, I rubbed hands around my cheeks, targeting my scaly patches and sloughed away the dead skin. I took the exfoliation down to my chapped lips. Then, I rinsed off my face with warm water to find my cheeks super supple and more importantly scale-free. Last but not least, I finished off with my moisturising oil blend and hydrating cream. Et voila! My lizard-like skin was scaly no more.

Now if you’re wary about coconut oil on your face, try exfoliating your body first. The caffeine in green tea and coffee is said to help alleviate the look of cellulite. Plus, this scrub makes for a great post-shave exfoliate. Win-win.

After using this twice a week, my amphibian-like winter skin is looking a little less dull and little more supple. It’s definitely a great addition to add to your beauty routine, if you’re looking for an alternative to a chemical exfoliator.


Nature’s Root Hemp Coffee Scrub is now available on The Shop!