Storing Your Flowers In Plastic Bags? STOP!

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Cannabis consumers these days are interested in high quality and rare strains, so why compromise on the storage of that quality?

Go back to one of your favourite flowers. Do you remember how great it smelt? Oh and that flavour too! A flavour so fragrant and delicious, you couldn’t believe it. Well, best believe that your favourite flower with the fantastic smell and even better taste, was the way it was thanks to sufficient curing and adequate storage. 

The process of growing quality cannabis goes beyond harvest; drying and curing will greatly improve the taste of a crop. This is due in part to processes that break down chlorophyll over time, resulting in a less-harsh and more flavourful taste.

If you are storing quality cannabis in plastic bags; STOP!

Storing your cannabis properly will ensure it maintains optimal potency and further its shelf-life — nobody wants to smoke a stale J.

Although plastic bags are the most common way for non-growers to store cannabis, it’s one of the worst ways. Cannabis loses potency as it tends to get dried out in plastic bags. When trichomes dry out, the bud becomes brittle and stale. For those who appreciate the full-body taste and aroma, it’s best to keep your bud stored properly.

A small glass container can help buds continue curing. Cannabis, like fine wine or whiskey is best when aged in a cool, dark place, and although there is no exact expiration date for cannabis, there are some things to consider when storing cannabis for any extended period.  

A study concluded that light was the single biggest factor in the degradation of cannabinoids. The same study concluded that cannabinoids maintain stability for up to two years when stored under the proper conditions.

Of course, proper cannabis storage requires more than just a rolled-up sandwich bag in the darkest corner of your bedside drawer; for the best long-term cannabis storage, you need to create the perfect environment.  

Enter Cannador; a beautiful storage solution for all cannabis lovers!

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We recently took the 4-Strain Walnut Cannador for a test spin and we were truly impressed. Gone are the days of re-purposing an old gift box or a pickle jar to store our favourite flowers. We loved the sleek glass jars, airtight lids and side nook for our smoking essentials. The wood exterior is beautiful and ensures flowers are stored away from light whilst blending in elegantly on a desk or coffee table.

Yes, we said the coffee table; don’t worry the key locking system prevents wandering hands from getting to your stash.

The interior of the Cannador is that of a classic humidor, featuring mahogany walls to help regulate relative humidity. Its smooth bevelled edges seal in odour whilst showing off the craftsmanship that went into the product’s construction.

The Cannador’s interior configuration comes in several different styles. We received the four-jar set-up, which can hold an ounce of cannabis flower comfortably between the four jars.

This product is for the consumer looking to both flaunt and camouflage their love of cannabis. The Cannador is a functional piece of cannabis-inspired carpentry that does exactly what it promises and would be perfect for refined cannabis consumers, blunt enthusiasts, as well as any quality-oriented cannabis lover looking to keep their flowers under lock-and-key. 

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Using a safe, reusable storage system like the Cannador instead of plastic bags is a plus for your flowers aswell as your carbon footprint. Cannador plants a tree with every purchase. Save the planet while you’re smoking you’re favourite flower.

Some key features include:
Hardwood exterior in cherry or walnut colours
Lock and key security
Glass jars
Side compartment for accessories
Humidity bead system
Vented and airtight lids

Sounds like something you might want to get your hands on? Well, you’re in luck!

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