Smoke No Mirrors: CBD-rich Hemp Flower Anyone?


Hemp is simply cannabis with low levels of THC.

Just like with high-THC flower, it’s important to consider the quality of the flower. You may be familiar with the terms ditch weed, Reggie and schwag; poorly produced cannabis can be more damaging than beneficial and can be very unpleasant to consume. Good quality CBD-rich hemp buds should be terpene-rich, meaning they smell and taste as flavourful as quality high-THC cannabis.

Today’s cannabis strains can contain as much as 25% THC, much higher than what was available to the flower power generation of the 60s. For many, cannabis flower isn’t their cup of tea, but don’t be so quick to write it off entirely. CBD-rich flower offers all of the beneficial effects of high-THC flower without the psychotropic effects. CBD flower offers consumers a clear-headed experience with incredible benefits.

Many people who consume high-CBD and low-THC flower report it can alleviate chronic pain, inflammation, seizures, and anxiety. When smoked or vaped, CBD flower can deliver immediate effects for acute symptoms. Since consuming CBD flower requires inhalation, it may not be the best consumption method for people with respiratory problems or the elderly.

Everyone’s ideal dose of CBD flower is different. To start, try a low dose of a high-CBD cannabis flower. A low dose can be one to two inhalations from a joint, vape or water pipe. While it isn’t an exact science, the slower you go, the better you can determine your tolerance for both THC and CBD.

CBD flower isn’t just for those who don’t enjoy the effects of high-THC flower, it’s also a great go-to for experienced cannabis users looking to introduce more CBD into their routine. We’ve found CBD flower to be a great option during a tolerance break from THC as well as a great alternative to smoking cigarettes/cigarette tobacco (stay tuned for a post on this)…

Buying cannabis flower solely based on a high THC is (and should be) an outdated approach to cannabis consumption. We hate comparing cannabis to alcohol but, you don’t opt for your drink of choice simply because of its alcohol percentage. Cannabis is enjoyed in all its glory for the variety of flavours and effects and consumers are growing wise to the unique effects of high-CBD flower, which can smell, taste and smoke just like the high-THC flower you might be used to. CBD-rich flower boasts robust relaxing effects that aren’t psychotropic, but offer potent pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and anxiety-reducing effects.

CBD flower is becoming more and more accessible across the UK; even being stocked in smartly presented stores with a sort of dispensary vibe. One company boasting a great selection of high quality CBD flower is Kanaco, located on Fulham Road, London SW6.

“With our true-hearted love for CBD, we saw the need for a trusted and customer-focused supplier of outstanding CBD products. We started searching, sourcing and sampling CBD from around the world; hand selecting the best quality oils, capsules, edibles and flowers in the industry. All of our CBD flowers are grown using organic farming practices in Switzerland and lab tested.” - Kanaco

Delivered with a smile by their reliable team in South West London, Kanaco also offer soft gels, tinctures, edibles (their CBD peach rings taste great!) and have a range of new CBD products arriving early next year.

Along with an extensive range of CBD products, Kanaco flowers can also be found at Otherside London on Portobello road, W11.

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