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don't compromise on quality.



We want to live in a world where cannabis consumption is normalised.

Promoting safe and sustainable methods in the cannabis industry by bringing attention to unique and innovative companies who are doing great work; we want people from all walks of life to discover the power of cannabis and connect with reliable brands through the products we carry in the SHOP, the LINE UP and through our content on the SCOOP.

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Collaborating with industry leaders as well as boutique brands and emerging individuals to bring you only the best. From oils and tinctures to balms, salves and edibles, the CBD-infused products at theCURATOR are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality.

We support brands we believe in.



Consumers deserve quality without question; so we take pride in seeking out only the best for you. We embrace collaboration with companies and individuals who share our values of integrity, sustainability and transparency whilst ensuring compliance, safety and quality.

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