The best things are discovered by word of mouth. 



theCURATOR was formed to contribute to a world where cannabis consumption is normalised. We want to enable people from all walks of life to connect with reliable and trusted brands so they can discover the power of cannabis.

In an increasingly robust and rapidly growing cannabis industry, not all products are created equally. theCURATOR provides a sophisticated selection of CBD products that are meticulously vetted and curated by our team. We collaborate with industry leaders as well as boutique brands and emerging individuals to bring you only the best.

Our selection process ensures the products we stock are legally compliant and have met our quality and safety checks to give you peace of mind. Our products range from oils, tinctures and salves to appetite boosters, beauty products, supplements and more.

We support brands we believe in who share our values and we want the world to hear about them and experience their wonderful products. 


don't compromise on quality